Saturday, 19 March 2011

Happy Birthday Masquerade

So apparently Vampire the Masquerade is twenty years old, goodness, that takes me back. It was the first role-play game I ever played, back when I was seventeen, which wasn't the whole twenty years ago but... uh... I think I'm going to stick with 'not twenty years ago'. I played a Gangrel prostitute, if I remember rightly, in a game that my then boyfriend was running. I don't remember much about that game, I don't think we played many sessions before I split up with the GM.

What I do remember is that, a year or so later I was wandering around the Fresher's Faire my first week at university, feeling a bit lost and alone as you do when there's hundreds of other people around and you don't know any of them and I spotted that familiar green book lying on a table among a bunch of other more or less similar looking books, and largely on the strength of that joined the role-playing society on the spot and thus began many, many adventures in vampirism.

There was the jaded Ventrue Elder, so utterly bored with politics that she had an affair with a Ravnos outlaw just to liven up her nights. There was the tough as nails, child Pander who among other things survived: a particularly cruel Sabbat siring she wasn't intended to; the rest of her original pack being eaten by a demon; being inside a (wooden) house when it fell to bits; most of the rest of her second pack getting killed by wraiths; some brutal Sabbat version of football and for quite some time, the antediluvians waking up and eating the rest of her generation, alright she didn't manage to escape them forever but still, it's going some when you're a clanless thirteenth gen stuck in the body of a thirteen year old girl and it takes a fricking clan founder to take you down. Who else? Too many to tell all their tales here, though I want to make special mention of my dark ages Cappadocian, if only because even after over a decade I'm still annoyed that she got killed by another player for completely out of game reasons (hold grudges? me? why yes I do).

From VtM I got into all sorts of other role play games both table top and LARP (I played my live action Daughter of Cacophony on and off for over ten years) and these days I have play-testing credits in a completely different system, but Vampire the Masquerade holds a special nostalgic place in my heart, happy twentieth birthday.

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