Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Writing Class

Once upon a time... no, wait I did this bit last time. Anyway it's another flash fiction challenge from that guy Chuck Wendig, this time using the words 'Irregular Creatures' as a starting point.

 Writing Class

The nymph's hair was a leafy tangle hung with fruits in shades from yellow-green to deepest red, which she pushed nervously back from her face as she read. Her voice was reedy and faltered over the words.
Of her class mates only the patchwork boy appeared to pay attention, stitched hands clasped beneath his chin, his mismatched eyes deep and troubled. The other boy, his scaled skin patterned green and brazen gold, his every exhale marked by lazy tendrils of smoke, seemed absorbed in watching the dark-winged girl who played with her glittering earrings and pretended not to see.
"Thank you Cerise." the teacher's words filled the silence left by the end of the nymph's tale "Would anyone like to comment on Cerise's story? Chareim?"
The dragonkin transferred his idle gaze to Cerise. "I like the serpent as an avatar of temptation." he drawled. He ran his tongue over iridescent lips and smiled as she blushed.
"Chareim." the teacher scolded.
Unabashed he laughed and lounged a little further back in his chair "I'm just saying, I think that moral ambiguity gives more depth to the protagonists."
"That's an interesting perspective." The teacher eyed him suspiciously "Perhaps..."
"Oh please." the succubus interrupted "Like those human things even are the protagonists, the creator figure is just treating them like toys." her bracelets jangled together like discordant bells.
"Constructive criticism only please, Malydia." the teacher reminded her wearily.
Malydia rolled her eyes "Yeah, yeah everything I say is all mean or something." she pouted "I didn't even say it was bad that they aren't the protagonists."
The teacher stifled an exasperated sigh "So what you're suggesting is that the story might be improved if the focus was altered to a different character?"
Malydia shrugged, her feathers rustling "Yeah. I guess."
"Very well then." The teacher said "Guilder, you haven't said anything yet, what do you think?"
The patchwork boy rubbed absently at his cheek where purple bruising stood out against his pale skin "I think." he paused and then the words came out in a rush "I think that it's kind of heroic that they try to overcome their creator, even if they're punished for it." he was quiet for a moment and then added "We shouldn't copy the cruelties of our makers."
The others were quiet at his words, uncertain. Cerise bit her cherry red lips and glanced at the teacher for support "I'm sorry, I didn't think of it like that." she looked at him helplessly, apologetic.
Guilder smiled awkwardly and his words were brittle but forgiving, "I know."

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  1. Original perspective- well done!