Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lord of the Lake

So I found this flash fiction challenge over at Not All Who Wander Are Lost, 500 words featuring a mythical creature, I can do that, assuming 'watery tarts' with swords count as creatures that is (I'm pretty sure they're mythical).

Lord of the Lake

Gwen stood at the edge of the lake and frowned. The water was dull, grey and uninviting, probably freezing cold too and rain was falling into it, all this she was perfectly happy with. The water was also deep, realistically mysterious and possessed a natural grandeur that hinted at ancient magic, and that, she felt, was deeply unfair. If magic was going to exist it ought either to look twinkly so she could laugh at it or not magical at all so she could ignore it. Instead, this was exactly how she would imagine a real magical lake to look, which was annoying because being the secret, hidden heir of a semi-mythical country was no fun at all if you had to go around believing in it all the time.
There was no use putting it off, she took the stone out of her pocket and looked at it, smooth, flat, interestingly coloured, with flecks of glittery quartz in it, totally real, potentially magical, a definite theme going on there. Gwen hadn't been given any particular words to use so she just chucked the probably actually magical stone into the probably actually magical water and improvised "Oh lady of the lake hear my prayer, I've ridden three hours on this trusty mare... and, look could you just give me the damn sword because I suck at poetry."
The ripples made by the stone as it entered the water spread further and further out, then reversed direction and coalesced around the emerging figure which, rather than rising mystically out of the water, simply waded up out of the depths towards the shore. Gwen blinked, long golden hair? check, almost unbelievably beautiful? check, lady? not so much. Or at all. If Legolas had made an advert for jeans he would have looked like this. He looked at Gwen "Well that was original."
"Sorry. Umm... are you the lady of the lake?" Gwen took another look, just double-checking. Still a finely muscled torso, smooth, hard muscles that showed actual use, too, not artificially sculpted in a gym. Totally real, potentially magical, oh yes.
The vision sighed "It's an official title. You know how a Lord Mayor, is still lord even if they're a woman? Same thing, only the other way about." he sounded like he'd had to explain that a lot, though given that he apparently lived at the bottom of a lake in the middle of nowhere, goodness only knew who to "Also, my eyes are up here."
"Sorry." Gwen said again and looked up.
His lips twitched in amusement "It's all right. Nice not to be a disappointment for once. Anyway, your 'damn sword' milady."
Gwen took the rapier, it was of course quite beautifully made. Also practical and weighted such that her fencing lessons might actually prove useful. No need to admit that though. She looked speculatively at it’s deliverer "I don't suppose you have any idea how to use this?"


  1. Haha, lovely. I really liked the little twists in it. :)

  2. Awesome! I love Gwen's voice and the twist on the Lady of the Lake. Hmmm...I want a Lady of the Lake like that in my backyard. :D

  3. Thank you. I'm glad people are enjoying the story. Also, I have to admit I wouldn't mind having a Lady of the Lake like that hanging around either.

  4. I nice blend of humour in this refreshing take on an old tale. This is really, really good.